Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today was a relaxing, me day. Tomorrow is back to reality with school and work. I've been on fall break all week long. As far as my day goes.... I woke up, I brushed my teeth, changed and went to Starbucks Coffee. About a month ago, I bought the Starbucks Brand coffee that you make at home and after that is used you can bring the bag in for a free Tall Coffee. I then walked to my normal Slacklining spot and set up for about an hour. I decided to do my 50 Burpee challenge out side today.

My legs really had no energy today but I was doing my best. After this I decided that will be my cross-training workout for the day.

I then left to go get a pedicure. My feet have been bad  terrible, from running so much. I had dry skin and blisters all around my toes. I was in need of a pedicure. I was going to go for a fall color. I had a nice deep tan in my hand until I saw a super sparkly OPI color. It was apparently a Miss America color and that is what I decided to get on my toes.

After I got my toes done, I went to Target today to buy a few things. I always look around at the clothes just to see if they have any great sales. Today I bought a few Christmas presents for people for great deals. I shop earlier than anyone else I know! I love the Holidays and love buying presents for people. I've been waiting for Eggnog to be in Publix for about a week now and so far no luck. :-( I did find this Holiday flavored coffee in Target today on sale.

 I am usually not a fan of flavored coffee but since I'm in the Holiday mood already I had to buy it! I will let you know what I think of it.

I think this is officially the longest and most detailed blog post I have ever written! I feel like If I had more chill days I would be able to post more like these! If you would prefer blog posts like this one, let me know!

Question of the day:

When do you start buying gifts for people?

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