Sunday, September 28, 2014

Slackline Sunday!

So every Sunday I am going to be slacklining and posting youtube videos! Its my goal to start getting new skills again on the line! Here is a video from last Sunday! Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment letting me know what fitness activity you do for fun not the weekend.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I am back at it!

Hey Everyone!

I know I haven't been consistent with this whole blogging thing, but that is going to change for sure! Blog posts will be going up 5 days a week from now on! Let's catch up! I am now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as having a Bachelors degree in Athletic Training. I feel like I have all the schooling I need to live the life I want. As of right now the world is not responding to my requests in the job world. I apply to fitness related jobs weekly and get quite a few interviews with no call backs! :/ I just need to keep working at it. Fitness is my absolute passion. I feel like I can conquer the world after a great Crossfit workout or a run and I want to share this feeling with others!

 One thing that I learned after college is that life is not what you expect it be. I expected to graduate and get a decent job making a reasonable amount of pay. I am still working on that job thing and its been a whole year. They do say you have to make your own path. So here I am. I am a fitness obsessed college graduate who loves helping people reach their fitness goals. No better option that online personal training. I am making my own path using the skills my generation has….computer/internet skills and combining that with my passion. If you would like to lose weight and feel great please feel free to visit my website at or email me at . Also follow me on Instagram and twitter @sienafit. I will talk to you guys real soon! I promise this time! ;)

                                                          "Weighted Pull-ups for days"

Friday, October 4, 2013


So I have been working very hard lately not to dab on the slackline. Don't know what dabbing on a slackline means? Don't worry! I have a slackline lesson to explain it to you!

Here is all my hard work to not dab! 

You might be asking yourself...what is  wrong with dabbing? Well if you dab it limits you to certain skills like this...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Queen of Slackline!

Just a slackline contest that gibbon does every year! This year we are on round 3! Check out all my entries so far!

Round 1: double drop knee
Round 2: line snap to buddha 
Round 3: Combination-line snap, butt bounce to drop knee

Hope you enjoy and happy slacking! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Next Half Marathon!

I am running my next half marathon in 10 weeks! It is going to be in St. Petersburg, Florida. I started my training at the beginning of this week and I am following a plan that I found online. I am following the advanced plan which is to make you go faster and get stronger! I am also going to be posting videos weekly on my new running shoes, clothes, tips and tricks, diet, etc. Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel to keep up with my training.