Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dorm Organizing

The key to dorm organizing is utilizing your space. Here is a picture of one side of my dorm. As you can see if you can hang stuff off of furniture or neatly place your shoes on top of furniture space can be saved. You can also almost make your shoes set up like a store on top of your dresser if you neatly organize them. A behind the door hook is a great idea for purses, hats and book bags. Also hooks for hanging up towels is a good idea.

This is a shoe rack I found at Target for under $4 dollars. It fits perfectly right by my door or you can even put it under you bed. 

I would also recommend a hook right by your door. As soon as you walk in you can place your keys on the hook. Just in case you have to leave in a hurry, you will always know where your keys are located.

 Here is just a close up picture of the behind the door hook. I also got this hook in Target from the Dollar section. You can see how many bags and hats it holds! 

Here is just a close up of my dresser. You can see I have my shower bag, towels hanging off of this and then some more of my shoes are on top. 

If you have any organizational questions let me know! 

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