July 20th: 3.1 miles jogging in 32 minutes, One-minute push up challenge, Elliptical 20 minutes
July 21st: Spin class, Weight training upper body
July 22nd: Walk 30 min, 30 min core work
July 23rd: Body Pump, walk 30 Min
July 24th: Run 3 Miles, Walk 2 Miles
July 25th: Elliptical 30 min
July 26th: Stair Master 45 min
July 27th: Squat challenge, walk 30 min
July 28th: Packing day
July 29th: Moving day
July 30th: none
July 31st: none

August 1st: upper body workout, run 30 min
August 2nd: Elliptical 30 min, lower body workout
August 3rd: Morning Elliptical 30 Min, Park Workout
August 4th: Squats, squats and more squats, Stair master 30 min
August 5th: Elliptical 30 Min
August 6th: Slackline
August 7th: Walked 3 miles

August 22nd: Moving day
August 23rd: Run 1 mile as fast as possible walk two miles
August 24th:

August 29th: Run 2.5 miles in 25:56 minutes
10 reg pushups, 10 wide, 10 diamond, 10 scoop through, 10 reg, 8 min abs
August 30th: Run (Hill workout) Total miles: 2.16 miles in 31 minutes, TaraStiles Yoga 
August 31st: Chest and Triceps

September 1st: Back and Biceps
Septermber 2nd: Legs and Calves
September 3rd: Shoulders and abs
September 4th: 3 mile walk
September 5th: 2 mile run as fast as possibe

September 19th: 3.1 mile run, abs and legs
September 20th: 3.5 mile run (faster pace)

January 29th: 1 hour walk, 3x10 wide pushups, 3x10 reg pushups, 3x10 pull ups, Intramural soccer game