Monday, September 19, 2011

Favorite Finds: Hollister Co.

Hey Everyone,
Sorry I have been slacking on the blogging this past week. It's hard to blog 3 times a week and do school work and everything I have to do. I found some cute items from Hollister Co. In the past Hollister clothing did not fit me. I feel like they gear their clothing towards skinny, stick straight people. People with no curves at all and this is not me. Even though I knew this I decided to go into the store because their was a lot of sales going on. I ended up finding some shorts and a tank top.

I love these shorts! They actually fit me great and are really comfortable. They feel like jeggings because they are super stretchy and soft denium material.

I also got this basic tank top that would look great layered with another shirt or sweater over it.

At check out I also got this coupon. I will have another Hollister Co. haul soon! 

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