Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool Fitness App: Endomondo

Smart phones are great to track runs. It tells you how far you have gone and how many calories you burned. I have tried various different workout tracker apps to keep track of my runs. Some of these include Run Keeper Free and Trainer Lite. A lot of times they lose GPS reception and I don't know why. So far Endomondo is my favorite. It does not lose reception and it was easy to sign up. All I did was put my email and made a password and after my run Endomondo automatically uploaded my time to its website. This app told me how many calories I burned. It also has a heart rate monitor, although my phone does not have this feature. One of the coolest things that this App has that sets it apart from the rest is a section where you are able to chose what kind of workout you want. Your options include: Basic-just track your workout, manual entry-enter a workout manually, Set a goal-Choose distance, time or calories, Beat a friend- go against a friend's personal best, compete on route- download a route, beat the champion, or Beat yourself- go against a previous workout.

If you have a favorite app be sure to leave it in the comments so I can check it out!

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