Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Summer Time!

Summer is hot and relaxing but with the job market being so poopy. All I seem to do is go walk around the mall just to have something to do because I have no muulahhh. I come back home and look at youtube at the daily vloggers or fashion videos who get paid to make videos. All I can say is how freaking cool is that?!?! Really getting paid to make videos. Thats so awesome. I hope one day I can also do that! If you have any tips or suggestions on how that can happen let me know! If you are on summer vacation or just looking for something to watch check out my vidoes. Here is my latest video...

I'm working on my pull up training. When I was a gymnast back in the day I can bust out a set of 20 in one set and then complete that 3 times. It would be great if I can get back to level haha...Hope everyone is having a good summer! 

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