Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mini Back to School Haul!

  I like to call my self a professional shopper. I just give myself that name because I find cute clothes for bargains! 
I found this shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch for about $8.00

This outfit is all from Old Navy. All together the outfit came out to about $10.00. Old Navy is having Crazy Great sales right now! 

These shoes are from Gap. They were $5.00. I really needed a new pair of flip flops and I loved how comfortable these were with the toe grip and more arch support than your average pair of flip flops! 

The white tee here is from Pac Sun. The Sales in this store are great also! This shirt was 3 bucks. The Jeans are from Gap again. These are high waisted but very flattering for curvy body types. These cost about 10 bucks.
This planner was $2.50. Normally $12.50 but I had a 10 dollars off any purchase so there we go! 

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  1. cute planner, where can i get one like this? :-)