Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday: Forever 21 and Gap

I ran a 10 mile race yesterday morning so I was tired last night. I decided I would wake up around 6 AM to check out the black friday sales. I've never gone out shopping that early before! The only store in the mall that was busy with a long line was HandM. They had some good sales like $10 pencil skirts, $5 shirts, $15 dresses but the line was too long for me so I left. I went in Forever21 where they had a buy one get one free sale going on. I ended up buying a lot of shirts and dresses.

The first thing I bought was this bright pink, one strapped summery dress. It was $10.99 and the most expensive thing I bought that was included in the buy one get one free sale.
 I got this black plain one strapped dress that would look cute with a little jacket and some boots. The price for this was $5.99

I could always use white tanktops, so when I saw that this one was $2.99 and ended up being free I was excited!

I also got this shirt that was on sale for $3.99 but ended up being free!

I also got this fleece sweatshirt. I have been looking for a inexpensive cheap jacket for a while now and this one was 30% off the original price which was only $15.99.

I then went in gap and found a workout tanktop in bright green! It was 60% off and ended up being 7 dollars and change!

Did you go Black Friday Shopping? What did you get? If not why don't you go Black Friday Shopping?

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