Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks!

Yes, almost everyone wants to lose weight. Why does everyone have such issues with losing weight?!?!? It's really quite a simple process. Consume less calories than you burn. Also, make sure you are eating foods that your body can easily process. So that means any thing that is not to processed is what you should be eating.

First of all, motivation is key for anything we are trying to achieve over a period of time. Some tips I have for you to stay motivated is find an ideal body you are trying to create for yourself. Make that the background on your phone. That way every time you see your phone you think of your goal. Also, always remember you are losing weight for yourself!

This is Kdabfit on instagram and she is the motivational picture on the background of my phone!

Diet is also key to lose weight. Try to drink a gallon of water a day and find healthy foods you enjoy. Also, prep your meals one to two times a week and bring your food with you if you think you will get hungry. If you are always prepared with food you will be much less likely to go through a drive thru restaurant to grab a meal. You can also even use healthy meal prep companies like cateredfit.com or http://collettescleaneats.com or freshmealplan.com. These are options that I still would love to try just to make meal prep super easy on days when I am in a rush! I would love to do a review for my blog on these companies!

Last but not least, you must move your body. Exercise is important when trying to achieve weight loss. Find some sort of exercise you enjoy. Although, I do encourage weight lifting for everyone (a post on the benefits of weight lifting will be coming soon). I want you to get out there and move. Find a class you enjoy or go walk on an outdoor trail. If you don't feel like going to workout, I want you to go anyways and give it 15 minutes. After 15 minutes and your body is moving I bet you won't mind working out, I promise. Also, I encourage you to email me Sienafit@aol.com if you would like customized workout routines you can either print out and take to the gym with you or do at home!

I hope this blog post helped you! It's almost the end of January but that docent mean you can give up on your New Years Resolutions!



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