Friday, May 13, 2011

FL. ROC Daytona Area Running Obstacle Challenge!

Hey Everyone,
So I did this race about a week ago. Since I told you how I was training for this race, I decided to post a video of some of the race. This was a fun race and I would do it again. It had a little mud, a lot of off road running, some over- under obstacles, hurdles, balance beam walks across cut down trees, swimming, and a slip and slide. I think thats about it! It was tough, by the end my legs were a little sore feeling but there was also a lot of people walking the race. I encourage everyone of all fitness stages to do this race next year if it seems interesting to you. For my next race I am thinking of doing a mud run. Mud runs from what I can tell involve all running through the mud. Happy training everyone and I hope you enjoy my video!

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